Communities and Connections

The world is no longer a group of independent countries with defined borders and cultures. We are a global nation communities and connectionsLR200that is connected in many different ways. Technology has made the world so much smaller. Global immigration truly started decades ago, and communication is super quick and easy, so the way we share ideas, cultures and the way we live together are blending to form new communities. Not only are we blending the on and offline communities we live, work and play in, but we take our role in the global community seriously too. We realize the actions that we take impact others. Diversity abounds in all aspects of design from fashion to interiors to architecture and has driven an emphasis on the quality, the carefully chosen and the designed to last. Throw away culture simply doesn’t click with our environmental thinking yet taking care and being appreciative of all that we have is something the western world at least, struggles to install in the younger generations,

This color palette is brighter than the others, though still retains a muted appeal. Fresh and fun shades that work with the earthy colors we find all over the world, from a delicious Pearl Genetian blue to a violet toned red. This palette is reminiscent of decorative murals that represent the communities we call home.