Everything is blurred. Lines and definition no longer exist, from the borders and identities to the virtual and the real. Reinvention 1LR200Work life and personal life are blurring – it’s no longer as much about working from home but more about office anywhere, just as we look to achieve more balance between work and play. Driverless cars and drone delivery are bringing cutting edge technology to our everyday life. Spotting the difference between computer generated and real life is increasingly difficult. Boundaries are shifting, and with that has come a trend for reinvention and acceptance. Taking what’s current and reinventing it within these blurred lines is key.

Technology has also given rise to the “now, now, now mentality, and so reinventing ourselves or what we want is so much quicker. Self-expression is encouraged and the labels and categories of old are being brushed aside. Of course we turn to technology for support – tweeting, posting and snapping evidence of our thoughts, ideas and expressions and looking for that thumbs up, tag and like that our ‘squad’ are only too happy to provide.

With this reinvention we see acceptance – accepting individual expression, our reinvention of traditional or existing ideas and acceptance of both the virtual and real..

The colors in this palette are generally muted but show a bold range from multi-component effects in silver, grey and black to brownish orange and reds complimented with a pop of something brighter.