Refreshing Radiance

A harsh urban reality, the glare of never ending screens and radiating car lights, non-stop movement and constant regreshing radianceLR200connection all have us stepping back and looking for a different kind of radiance, a new romance. Romance can be defined as “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life” and as we turn inwards we are seeing a refreshing radiance appear with a soft romantic hue. 

For hundreds of years and across many different cultures, religions and societies, we see many different approaches to love. It’s therefore not surprising that, as Alain de Botton points out, “our relationships must in practice owe rather a lot to the prevailing environment beyond our bedrooms.” Love unfolds against a cultural backdrop that creates a powerful sense of what is “normal” in a relationship. We are exposed to so many different cultures and ideas now in our globalized world that it is not surprising we are seeing a refreshing reemergence in the idea of romance – though not necessarily in it’s most traditional forms. 

We have seen a re-emergence and delight in traditional materials, from brass and copper to cathedral detail. We take the traditional and give it a modern twist – breathing a new life and radiance into materials, art, customs and fashion. As well as materials we see are finding refreshing ways to show our romantic side, from pride branding and hyper coupling (interesting ways that couples are finding to connect) to showing our affection through sarcastic, funny comments and handmade cards. A refreshing radiance.

This trend is being reflected in colors that evoke a sense of both radiance and romance. Neutrals and naturals are key and the sparkle of new love is reflected in some of the soft metallic hues and traditional warm shades that are given a modern twist with bronze and brass, smoky graphite and soft white.