Environmental issues have been at the forefront of our thinking and a recurring theme for many years now. It’s simplyVerdure 1LR200 a trend that thankfully, is not going away.  The whole world is becoming more impassioned, enthusiastic and ardent about sustainability. For years now, our kids have been taught the importance of environmental responsibility, and these generations now have an inbuilt sense of it's importance.

As well as thinking and acting more responsibly towards our planet, we also feel the importance of nature and value the connection we have with it. There’s a belief across cultures and nations that a closeness to nature equals a way to improve mind and soul. Maybe that’s why we realize how important it is to protect it. We are going organic, recycling and reusing, reducing waste, protecting our surroundings and rejuvenating our spirit with time in nature. So many of us choose to “get away from it all” in nature, but getting away from it all is increasingly difficult to do! Even when we make the effort to get away from it on vacation, we still don’t completely disconnect – our phones, our iPads come with us. The opposing forces are quite stark – we live in an increasingly urban world yet value nature, we want to de-stress and disconnect yet are addicted to technology that makes it impossible. Even technology that we use every day takes it name form nature – the cloud anyone? In fact as more of our life moves into the cloud along with that comes a realization that experience can be better than acquisition. With all of this in mind, its no great surprise that the natural world is once again a real design influence.

It’s no great surprise that this color palette welcomes a host of warm earthy greens and browns. There’s not many places where you see a straight shot of color in the natural world, so be prepared for some gentle, subtle and color enhancing effects.