The RAL range provides a wonderful way to specify beautiful shades across the full color spectrum. At IFS we have official matches to over 200 RAL colors.

Check out some of our RAL shades online here.

Weswatch have most of the RAL shades stocked in standard polyester technology and some of the more popular RAL shades are also stocked in super durables. All RAL colors have been pre-formulated in both standard polyester and super durable and can be easily made and shipped to you if they are not stocked.

Not sure what the RAL range looks like? Contact us to order an IFS RAL card or check out the RAL range online in the "our powder colors" section..

Altered RALs

Sometimes just a simple shade won’t do. Adding a special effect or texture to a RAL color creates a whole new world of possibility. At IFS we have these formulations ready to go, as part of our “Altered RAL” range.

Simply let us know what color you’d like then choose the range of effects below to alter that RAL color to be something very special.

  • Sparkle metallic
  • Semi gloss
  • River texture
  • Mini texture
  • Silver vein
  • Anti-skid
  • OGF