World Class High Performance Fluoropolymers for Exterior Architectural Applications

Backed by years of test data and a wealth of experience, IFS 500FP is a genuine Lumiflon FEVE resin based, high performance, powder buildingscoating suitable for high end architectural applications. It meets and exceeds the tough AAMA 2605 requirements (including 10 years Florida testing) and has been used on thousands of projects in the USA and beyond. A perfect choice for curtain wall, windows, doors, storefront and paneling, IFS 500FP is equivalent to a 70% liquid PVDF paint but with all the sustainability advantages that powder brings to the table.

While protection is key, ensuring your design vision is fulfilled is a top priority, so IFS 500FP is available in a range of colors, metallic sparkles, textures and effects. We appreciate that ensuring the integrity of the architectural design is essential, so excellent IFS warranties, up to 20 years, are available when applied to architectural aluminum by an IFS Certified Applicator. IFS 500FP is the ideal powder coating for high value residential, commercial and monumental applications.

Make the environmentally responsible choice. Choose IFS 500FP to protect and decorate your architectural project.