Specifiers Tools

Specifying high performance powder coatings couldn't be easier. Whether it's our simple cut and paste spec wording, product info, test data, warranty information, color matching or coating advice, we can help you.

Simple spec wording.

Download and copy/paste the simple spec wording for high performance organic powder coatings here. If the spec wording outlined here doesn't work for your specific spec, contact us here and we will work with you to make sure you have the right wording.

 Web button exterior spec                     Web button interior spec 400                     Web button interior spec1

AAMA 2605                              AAMA 2604                              AAMA 2603

See the typical applications of each product below.

Specifying the right grade product

"Powder Coating" can be a very generic label. We don't put the same powder coating on refrigerators as we do on the exterior of a building and give it a 20 year warranty!  Make sure you choose the right type of powder coating for your application. The basics are below, they link to more info, or contact us for help with your exact application.

IFS Product   Exterior?   Typical Applications               Product type            AAMA        Warranty

IFS 500FP      Exterior       Curtain wall, windows, doors    Fluoropolymer           2605           20 yrs*

IFS 400SD      Exterior       Storefront, windows                 Super Durable           2604           10 yrs*

IFS 300SP      Interior        All interior applications             Standard Polyester   2603            N/A

 *When applied to architectural aluminum by a certified applicator

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for LEED credits

Each of the IFS architectural grade high performance powder coatings come with an EPD which contribute to LEED points. LEED v4 requires all vendors to LEED projects to have an EPD. Make the simple switch to high performance powders. Excellent long term exterior performance, excellent warranties, excellent color choice, excellent environmental footprint.