Why use IFS architectural powder?

The IFS high performance architectural powder range offers architects, designers, specifiers, consultants, engineers, general contractors and coaters a world class protective and decorative coating option.

IFS architectural powders offer many advantages including:

  • The same or better performance than traditional liquid PVDF paints
  • IFS powders meet and exceed the performance requirements of  AAMA 2605, 2604 and 2603
  • IFS architectural powders are available in thousands of colors and effects
  • IFS architectural powders are available in various gloss levels
  • IFS architectural powders can have anti-microbial or anti-grafitti capability added to them.
  • Significant environmental advantages including:
    • No solvents/VOCs
    • Single coat  applications mean less product and less energy being used
    • Overspray powder can be reclaimed and reused/recycled, giving up to 97% utilization rate
    • Lower carbon dioxide emissions
    • No hazardous waste generated during the application process
    • No chrome base primer required. In fact no primer at all required.
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended
    • IFS Coatings architectural range come with EPDs that contribute to LEED credits,
  • Improved pre-treatment options - powder is compatible with chrome or non-chrome pre-treat, unlike liquid PVDF that MUST use chrome based pretreat
  • Great film integrity
  • Unbeatable scratch resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Improved performance against damage
  • World class color and gloss retention
  • Great corrosion protection
  • Thermosetting properties and inherent toughness mean powder coated surfaces are less susceptible to the settling of dirt and mildew growth.
  • Excellent, comparable warranties
  • Competitive pricing