Creativity and Beauty are Unleashed in Sculptures with the Use of Powder Coatings

Posted by on 26 January 2018

Many artists have outshined their competition using one simple component – powder coated metal! This enormous sculpture shows how powder coating can add a luxurious feel to metal. 

Powder coating is a great option for metal art because it offers an impressive environmental footprint, endless options of colors and effects and of course durability This is important for artists who want longevity in their original work.   

Some of the most envied artists create exterior metal art. They have realized the endless coloring opportunities. IFS has a fabulous selection of metallics and special effects including veins, textures, and translucent shades.

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Coating exterior metal art with powders ensures long-lasting protection against the elements and artists who build art for the outdoors need this kind of assurance. Having a beautiful piece outside often means more people can see and experience it. However its exposure to sun, salt and humidity can be unnerving for some artists. Not all powder coatings are created equal, and choosing the right exterior grade powder type in the exactly the right color is important. With IFS, designers can be confident in the product advice and color expertise they receive. 

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The company has a variety of durable powders that will help protect the metal substrate in all sorts of weathering situations. 

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When selecting the perfect powder coating for a sculpture, it is crucial to consider two factors. One is the lighting of the location where the sculpture will be placed. Is it interior or exterior? In bright sunlight or always  in the shade Colors can look very different under different light sources (at IFS we have a lightbox to emulate different types of light) so bear this in mind when choosing your hue 

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The second factor one must consider when choosing a coating is what kind of weathering there will be in the location that the sculpture will be situated. Will it be in direct sunlight and therefore susceptible to fade? Will it be near the ocean and therefore at risk from metal corrosion? Knowing this information will help your IFS representative best service your product needs.

Destructive weathering conditions aren’t the only reason artists may feel uneasy with an outdoor sculpture. Drunk frat boys may spill beer or worse on their precious work of art. A car may accidentally back into it and decline to leave a note. 

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IF an additional layer of protection is desired – whether that’s down to the substrate you’re working with or the location it the art will sit in, hard-working primers are also available. Primers go down on top of the pretreated metal and then the color coat is applied on top, helping to add another layer of protection if needed. What’s more, most powders are easy to care for; so, those sticky hands or spills can just be wiped clean, leaving the sculpture shiny and looking as good as new.


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It may not seem obvious at first, but indoor sculptures can also suffer similar problems. There is a lot of foot traffic in museums and art galleries, and not everyone follows the rules of no touching. And then there’s bags, keys, backpacks, phones – the list of things that brush up against them goes on…

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With constantly focused lighting and special showings, artists are equally aware of the “display” factors when their work is inside. They need to feel confident that their sculpture will remain sleek, cool, and aesthetically pleasing to the audience.

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Another reason artists yearn to use powder coatings in their work is because of the variety of looks they can achieve with powder. There is a huge amount of choice and the possibilities offered up by custom powder creation are endless. Add in primers, clear-coats, multiple mixes of colors, and special effects and the artist’s skill and imagination is certainly catered to. 

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Creativity often breeds in a vast array of colors. IFS offers more than 55,000 varieties of colors and effects offering artists plenty of choices.  

Every artistic piece is individual, and the powder specialists at IFS understand that. Delivering high-quality powders that can be formulated with the artist in mind means with IFS the artistic opportunities are endless.