Get Rolling with the Most Beautiful and Unique Powder Coated Wheels

Posted by on 2 January 2018

Today, vehicles are our main mode of transportation, and we must admit that we want them to look their best. Let’s face it – hot looking wheels can make or break a car’s beauty. Powder coating can make your wheels really stand out from the crowd!

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Also, there is no question that wheels need the best protection. After all, they are usually the first part of the car to feel the bumps and bruises when hitting the road. Durability and protection are crucial for your wheels and powder coating delivers a tough, hardworking coating film that also looks great.

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Powder coating can offer the kind of protection that wheels need, and IFS offers a wide range of hard-working powder coatings. Purecoat, the IFS clear powder coat, adds a clear protective finish, keeping your color intact while safeguarding it at the same time.

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Powder coating is an awesome option for the care of wheels not only because of its physical toughness but also because of its high performance. It’s a hard, thermoset film applied by a coater that works hard to protect the wheel itself from the weathering that the road or the elements send its way.

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As well as clear coats, IFS also offers an enormous selection of high-quality color coats. In fact, they have over 55,000 colors and effects to choose from. This makes the choices and opportunities for color blends virtually limitless.

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From beautiful blacks, a vast array of whites, warm browns, cool silvers and grays to shiny pinks, reds, oranges, purples, blues, and greens, you have your pick of any color imaginable. 


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With the huge variety of colors, you can know without a doubt that your wheels are one of a kind! Want something more than a simple solid color? No problem. IFS also has a premier selection of metallics and special effects including translucent shades, hammer tones, veins, and textures.


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Want a specialty matching color? IFS can create whatever color you have in mind! Just talk to your representative about the colors you want and performance level you’re looking for! You can rest at ease knowing your artistic color creation is in the right hands!


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This Tiffany blue would make any car stand out! The soft gorgeous hues could complement a neutral car body or it could be added as a pop of fun on a pink or purple sports-car. It’s entirely up to you!


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Got something special in mind? If you don’t find the color you need in the Polychem Auto Collection or in one of the thousands of IFS colors out there, simply find a sample of the color you want for your ride and send it in. IFS will take care of the rest, working to get the best match possible so the color is exactly what you want.


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Do you want to use multiple colors? No problem! Mix and match colors to have four different wheels and benefit from quantities as low as 5lbs so you’re not wasting powder!. Be creative! We can handle it. The IFS color team will work with you and help your artistic talent shine allowing your wheels to be the canvas! 


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The world of wheels just got a whole lot bigger! So, whether you are powder coating your wheels for protection or want a complete makeover in terms of color, there’s an IFS powder coating that will ensure you are happy with the end result!

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