IFS Coatings listed on Designer Pages

Posted by on 29 July 2016

 IFS Coatings is now listed on Designer pages, the best way for architects and designers to find products in architecture and interior design.

The IFS coatings interior and exterior architectural powder coating is now featured on www.designerpages.com, an essential tool for architects and designers to find products they need. IFS 300SP, perfect for interior applications, IFS 400SD created with exterior applications like windows and commercial storefront, and IFS 500FP the world class Fluoropolymer for curtain wall, window wall, windows and all exterior applications requiring long lasting protection are all featured on the site. Anti-graffiti powders, anti-microbial powders and IFS Purecoat, the IFS range of clear powder coatings are also all featured. With links to the IFS product information it is now easy for architects and designers to find the right product for their application through Designer Pages.