Micro Matic and IFS bring beautiful colors to beverage lovers

Posted by on 14 June 2016

Q: What do beer, wine, coffee, cocktails and IFS have in common?

A: Simple. Micro Matic USA. 

It's no secret that we are a nation of beverage lovers. Whether it's beer, wine, water, coffee or    cocktails we want them at home, in our office, and of course in the restaurants, bars, coffee shops and breweries we frequent. Designing beverage systems into residential and commercial buildings is a fine balance of practicality, efficiency, color and elegance. It is possible to achieve all of this and more - enter Micro Matic.
Micro Matic, a leading global supplier of draft beer, cocktail, water, and wine dispensing systems in over 120 countries, has been helping breweries, retailers and beer lovers enjoy fresh beverages for over 50 years. Delivering reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective dispensing solutions also requires hard working, durable, high quality and attractive coatings. Enter IFS Coatings. As well as high performance architectural grade powders, IFS also manufactures a full range of industrial chemistries and colors that are perfect for this type of application.
"We work with a variety of materials, so powder coating offers a good cross section of cost, lead time, durability and reliability when compared to alternative coatings," comments Thomas Scotii, Customer Service Supervisor - Manufacturing & Design Center at Micro Matic. "We work with IFS because we have an established and reliable history with the product and the quick turnaround times available on colors and service levels are excellent.  We have an extremely fast paced business; timely access to consistent materials is key for us."
The Micro Matic dispensing products enable the beverage to be poured perfectly every time through the patented Kool-Rite™ module. Different tower shells are then manufactured to incorporate the Kool-Rite™ module inside. Using a variety of shapes, columns and sizes for the tower, the body can then be customized with a specific IFS powder color or effect.
With the vast array of colors and effects available from IFS, Micro Matic is able to offer customized draft towers for customers based on their exact color and design specifications. Scotti continues, "We're able to show an expansive color range, which enables our customer to achieve a distinctive personal look for wherever they use our products, and achieve the brand specific or unique look and feel."
Of course choosing a sustainable coating is also very important to the winners of a 2016 Sustainable Business Award - Micro Matic USA. IFS powders boast an extremely sustainable footprint and as a company, IFS is committed to sustainable practices. It's even part of the mission statement. Micro Matic's Scotti comments "Sustainability in both longevity of a company, as well as environmental best business practices, is always at the forefront of our minds.  It in an inherent part of our business culture and we not only expect such levels of sustainability from ourselves, but our vendors as well. When looking at vendors, we are looking for leaders in the industry - leaders that are in it for the long haul. We're proud to coat our products with a sustainable powder coating we're not just talking the talk, we're walking the walk."