Can the sound of music look good too?

Posted by on 27 November 2017

Sleek design paired with awesome audio is the ultimate goal when designing a quality entertainment area experience. So it comes as no surprise that looking and sounding great are equally important when it comes to state of the art speaker systems. High quality immersive audio with wires hanging out? Not really the look we’re going for.

“So much work goes into designing a space” explains Marcus Mesta of James Loudspeaker, “that the ability to ensure an incredible audio experience, whether it’s in a commercial or residential project or in an interior or exterior space, has become really important. Of course there is also a visual design element that is just as crucial.”

Enter the Wedge Series from James Loudspeaker. The Wedge Series are specialized boundary application speaker systems for integration into a 90 degree corner, such as at 2 walls or a wall and ceiling.  These models are ideally suited for immersive 3D audio systems, such as Atmos, Auro3D, DTS:X, or for traditional music and home theater application when the speakers need to be mounted up high.

Mesta continues, “This system is really versatile and even works on outdoor trellises, pergolas and under eave areas. It provides excellent sound performance yet minimal visible intrusion into the space, and the compact design easily integrates into any environment.”

As well as looking great, these models are designed to last, constructed entirely of aircraft grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance, and durability, with an aluminum perforated grille to provide years of trouble free use.  And of course, when hard working protection, durability, unbeatable aesthetics and a boast-worthy environmental footprint are required, Polychem powder enters the picture. Various Polychem powders were considered including the ZP Vein from the Polychem Antique Collection and cool whites to be applied to the speakers in the Wedge series proving looking AND sounding great is possible!