IFS Coatings Launches Powder Coating E-book

Posted by on 15 June 2017

IFS Coatings today announced the launch of an exciting E-book covering practical tips and advice on every aspect of powder coating. The first few chapters can be found in the news section of www.ifscoatings.com under ‘Guides’. The E-book is 12 chapters in total and will be made available on a weekly basis on the IFS Coatings Facebook page. It provides practical information on a huge range of powder coating topics, for powder coaters of all types and sizes.

The E-book is designed to provide instant access to problem solving, FAQs, real life advice and tips from the experts. Just some of the many topics covered include information on the various powder types, application issues, 2 coat powder systems, spraying metallics and what to watch out for, appearance issues, what causes them and how to solve it, and much more.

Glynn Mason, IFS president explains “We want to provide our coaters with the information and experience they need and hopefully this goes some way to making sure the knowledge of our technical service reps is available to them 24/7.”

 Mason continues “Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and products to the industry, and this awesome new E-book is part of that. It’s user friendly, accessible on your phone, tablet or computer and was written by real life powder coating experts with hundreds of years experience between them. It’s also written as a blog – so it’s fun, easy to read and easy to use – it’s certainly not the stuffy more formal explanations of old!”


The first 4 chapters of the E-book are available on ifscoatings.com and more will be delivered on the IFS Facebook page on a weekly basis. Connect with IFS on Facebook to receive the full E-book as a whole.