Polychem Powder Coatings Launches Extensive New Color Card

Posted by on 12 June 2017

Polychem powder coatings today launched the brand new Polychem Powder Coatings Color Card. The card, which features powder coated chips to give an exact representation of the powder, includes 125 colors and special effects from 14 color collections.

Beautiful colors from the classic collection including bronze, metal effects, multi-component looks, wrinkles and veins, are displayed alongside the bright auto collection, neons and the soft ‘barely there’ shades. The card also showcases the ever popular altered RAL effects, which allows users to take any RAL shade and add effects such as silver sparkles, river textures and veins to the color.

Lauren Bayer, Polychem manager explained, “we are really excited about this free new card. It really captures the many looks that are available through Polychem, and of course as we are custom powder experts, if our customers want to change the color or create their own effect that they don’t see there, it’s really easy for them to do.”

Polychem powders are popular with designers and coaters alike and offer hard working protection in literally thousands of colors and special effects. Everything on the card is available with the 5lb minimums, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing that Polychem is known for.

Polychem specializes in color and effect creation, with over 15,000 existing colors and sixteen different Polychem color collections. The Polychem team works closely with customers to develop the exact shade and effect they require. Polychem offers color creation, flexible batch sizes (5lbs upwards) and extremely quick lead times, promising to “match it–make it-mail it” in only 5 – 7 days.