Powder Coatings and Beautiful Homes

Posted by on 8 August 2017

Most of us aspire to own a beautiful home, and even if we’re lucky enough to own one, we still like to admire others. Powder coatings can contribute in a big way to the gorgeous aesthetics of a house, especially in terms of beautifully finished doors and windows It really doesn’t matter what your chosen style is either. From the ultra-modern, with sleek, smooth finishes in flat mattes or anodized effect silvers to the traditionally styled with time honored shades, rustic looking metal effects bronzes and light textures, powder coatings add that extra special something to the final curb appeal.

And that’s just the good looks – we haven’t even started on the performance! Tough, durable and way more scratch resistant than liquid coatings, architectural powders are designed to offer protection against all sorts of nasties.

The joy of a new home is certainly special when everything is shiny, new and fresh out the box. Powder coatings are also designed to hold their color and gloss to within strict specifications, to ensure that the dream house stays dreamy for as long as possible!

That holiday home on the beach with the sound of waves breaking gently over the shore drifting through the windows on a cool breeze? Sounds great, but that house is also subject to the effects of salt air and humidity, which can cause corrosion in a big way. The architectural powders that are protecting the windows and making them look fantastic are also designed to pass strict salt spray tests.

No one wants their view out to a carefully landscaped backyard or brightly flowering window boxes spoiled by dirty windows or smeared glass, so good upkeep is important. That upkeep often means the use of chemicals, even if it’s something as simple as window detergent. So it goes without saying that architectural powders are also tested to provide resistance against detergents just like that.

Maybe your beautiful home is a high-rise apartment with a ‘to-die-for’ city view? City loving is fun, but just like we feel the effects of all those bars and restaurants so close to hand, eventually coatings can also feel the effects of the pollution generated in our cities unless they’ve been carefully manufactured to resist. Check for architectural powders.

And while we snuggle down under the comforter, safe in our beautiful home, we can sleep peacefully knowing powder coatings designed for use in our homes are also significantly more sustainable than liquid coatings, so we also made the environmentally responsible choice.

We have curated a range of images of impressive homes from around the world that will all use powder coatings in some shape or form as part of their build. Check them out...

1. This black graphite effect townhouse could well be achieved with special effect powders on the metal parts to add character, charm, and durability to this great home. 

Image credit - designcrushblog

2. From the steel balcony to the magnificent windows, this modern home can be finished with powder coatings to give it a modern finish.

Image credit - Ultralinx

3. We pride ourselves on being the responsible environmental choice for powder coatings at IFS... perfect for this modern and eco-friendly style country house.

Image credit - Telegraph.co.uk

4. From the windows, the steel structure and balcony rails and even the garden furniture, yes, powder coatings covers everything. 


Image credit - onekinddesign.com

5. Hollywood Hills Home and it's minimilist finish. Bright white, crisp chrome and sleek silver all available in environmentally responsible IFS powder. 


Image credit - styleestate

6. This Manhattan town house requires the amazingly good looks and the tough durable finish to withstand the cold New York winters.

Image credit - houseandgarden

7. Amazing IFS customer Sierra Pacific added beautiful windows to this gorgeous home to create natural looking finishes with powder coatings, in keeping with the style and location of the house. 

Sierra Pacific Windows 03

Image credit - Sierra Pacific


8. This Rum Row house in Florida is yet another IFS client. Tough powders that look great and stand up to the harsh Florida weathering.

3373 Rum Row FL

9. Again, the eco-friendly coatings of IFS are perfectly suited to this eco-friendly 'Custom Mountain Estate' home. A friend and customer of IFS. 

20161020193033743939000000 o

Image credit - Dynamic  Windows

10. Enjoy a relaxing swim at dawn in this infinity pool with the quality these Sierra Pacific window finishes to match the breathtaking view and house.

3110 Gin Lane Naples FL 34102 large 007 17 PoolNight2 1499x1000 72dpi

Image credit - Sierra Pacific

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