We are leader in all major powder
coatings technologies


  • IFS Coatings offers a complete line of powder coatings formulated in:
  • - Low temperature cure- Acrylic
  • - Epoxy- Acrylic hybrids
  • - Epoxy polyester hybrids- Fluropolymers
  • - Polyester TGIC- UV/EB cure
  • - Polyester TGIC-free- IR and Near IR
  • - Polyurethane


Our product line includes both thincote and low temperature curing powders. All powder coatings are designed to be high yield and transfer efficient, even at the fastest line speeds. We have multiple production lines capable of running 50-3,000 lbs/hr, allowing for rapid turnaround on any size order.

Colors and Color Matching

Coatings are available in the full RAL color range and IFS Coatings is also capable of rapid custom color matching for specialized jobs. Click here to visit our color page.

Turnaround Time

IFS Coatings offers 24-48 hour turnaround to meet emergency situations and can produce efficiently for orders as small as required.