Welcome to IFS Coatings

High quality powder coating with choice, flexibility and first class service built in is what we do, and what we love. We offer customers superior quality products, quick turnaround times, custom manufacturing and a wide range of colors at competitive prices.

Whether it’s powder coating for architectural applications, automotive trim, domestic and commercial appliances, the retail environment, shelving and racking, lighting, fixtures and fittings, job shops, OEM equipment, fencing, furniture, hardwear and tools, RV’s, trailers or agricultural and construction equipment, we have the perfect powder coating for you.

Our powder coating is available in epoxies, hybrids, polyesters, TGIC’s, polyurethanes, fluoropolymers and acrylic hybrids. Talk to us about your powder coating requirements and we are happy to help you choose the best chemistry for your product. Our R&D team are dedicated to innovation and create interesting products designed to protect and enhance in every environment.

We have two state of the art manufacturing sites, designed to offer our customers flexibility without compromising on quality. Whether it’s 1,000,000lbs or 50lbs our professional production team will ensure your powder coating is created quickly and with the heist degree of quality and consistency

As color experts we have matched over 55000 colors and specialize in ensuring you get exactly the right shade for your project. Coupled with industry leading turnaround times and flexible batch sizes that really make sense for you and your business, you can rely on us to deliver quality, consistently.

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