Colors & Effects

Architectural Colors and Effects

As well as technical performance, at IFS Coatings we understand ensuring the decorative properties of architectural projects is essential. With this in mind, we offer an extensive range of architectural colors and special effects for both interior and exterior architectural applications.

Traditional architectural colors such as grey, silver, bronze, black, white and beige and warm earthy tones, muted reds, greens and blues are all available and can be enjoyed as solid colors or with metallic sparkles added. Our metallic range features platinum, silver and champagne shades and our anodized effect colors are available in silvers, blue, bronze and gold shades. From matte to high gloss we can adjust the gloss of your coating, so whether it’s a flat black or a high gloss green simply let us know what you need. What’s more, sometimes super smooth just won’t do. There are a range of textures available to add a tactile dimension and an interesting look to your coating,

Our architectural color card features 26 colors including solid shades, metallics and even anodized effect powders. Contact us here to order your copy of our architectural card.

Interiors often require a wider range of colors. Whether it's RAL shades, Pantones*, interior paint matches (Benjamin Moore is always a popular one), soft pastel ice cream shades, or bright neons we have the perfect powder.

Many special effects such as hammertones and veins are also available for interior use. Contact us to order an IFS color card which features some of these interior shades, or an RAL color card.. To order special effect sample panels click here.

With over 55,000 colors in our database, we can’t put everything on our cards! However chances are we will have the shade you are looking for – or something very close. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask!­­

Our color selector features many of the stocked colors we offer. If you don’t find what you need – just ask!

Make sure the color or effect you want is available in a product type suitable to the end application. When choosing colors, make sure your confirm that the shade is available in the right chemistry.

Custom colors

For both exterior and interior architectural powders, we know your project may need its own specific color palette. So we will work with you to make sure that the colors and effects are exactly what you need. Whether you want to match your shade something else, or take a standard color and tweak it slightly, we are happy to help. Effects such as metallic and textures can also be added to any color. Talk to us about our custom color making capabilities.

With any coating, powder or liquid, there are some limitations on what is achievable at the higher levels of exterior durability. Quite simply, the pigments for some shades (for example, bright red) that will offer the durability required for these specifications are not available. However there is a vast range of colors that are available and will meet the exterior durability demands all the way up to the AAMA 2605 specification. Similarly, not all gloss levels or metallic effects can be achieved at an AAMA 2605 level.  Talk to your IFS architectural advisor for advice.

*Not all Pantone shades are possible to match in powder coating. Talk to your representative to see if the shade you require is possible.